Hawaii offers an ideal environment for the growth and cultivation of algal biofuels
  • A First Class TeamJohn Venners, Founder and CEO, and Dante Aragon, Chief Technical Officer, bring over 50 years of energy and project related experience to BioEcoTek-Hawaii.  Other key team members include AECOM (large international firm), Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, and HSI Mechanical.  BET has entered into a strategic relationship with NASA.

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  • Read Green Chip Review's article on BioEcoTek-Hawaii's algae production process incorporating wastewater treatment facilities, or download a copy here.

Read the Department of Energy's "National Algae Biofuels Technology Roadmap" to learn about the possibilities of combining algae production and wastewater treatment facilities here.

BioEcoTek-Hawaii, a company made up of experts in their respective fields and disciplines, has the ability, and luxury, of evaluating and selecting systems best suited to be integrated creating "closed-loop" solutions. The complimentary efficiencies of combining technologies and mitigating expenses set the stage for sustainable, profitable operations.


Our business strategy is to become the leading wastewater to algae integrator of proven systems and technologies through a combinaton of licensing, mergers and acquisitions.  Our affiliate, Harbor Energy Capital and its partners, stand ready to assist in this endeavor.  We will focus on creating efficiencies in wastewater treament for our customers while producing cost effective feedstock for fuel and power production.


The BioEcoTek-Hawaii (BET) team has developed a novel approach combining anaerobic digestion and microalgae cultivation for net-positive energy gain in wastewater treatment. The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute played a key role in developing this concept. American Water (NYSE:AWK) has agreed to the deployment of BET’s first pilot system at their Hawaii Kai facility near Honolulu. Commercial scale systems to follow promptly after test results. BET has selected Real Green Power’s novel anaerobic digester that is both modular and scalable. For its microalgae cultivation and harvesting BET plans to deploy Renewed World Energies’ elegant, closed bioreactor.


In the quest to produce biofuels from algae BET concluded that production costs must be drastically reduced to achieve commercialization. Integrating BET’s design within existing water treatment plants eliminates most of the costs associated with growing algae, i.e. siting, permitting, nutrients, CO2, water. In addition to algae, the combined system design will produce gaseous fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Generating excess power while reducing the need for aerobic treatment provides additional potential revenue streams for BET.


The system is not dependent on any specific algal species or gene alteration. Indigenous species with high oil content have been identified and will be cultured at the pilot facility for further testing. Versatility and flexibility is key to optimizing the total operation.


As is the case in many new innovations, the science of algae to biofuels has gotten ahead of economic reality. BET’s design addresses these issues by mitigating the costs associated with wastewater treatment while producing related forms of usable energy. In addition to achieving our ultimate goal of energy independence our creative system improves our environment and water supply. BET, together with several Government agencies, is investigating the economic/environmental benefits utilizing flash carbonization of sludge combined with algae biomass. HNEI has emerged as a world leader in this area. The final product would be a charcoal that could be co-fired at power plants or used as a soil enhancer. It would also eliminate the high costs and environmental hazards associated with land filling sludge. The goal is to create total closed loop system and eliminate all waste steams associated with wastewater treatment.